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Bold in its premise and masterful in its execution, MisGod’ed by author, physician, and ordained minister Laurence B. Brown teases common threads in the complex world of organized religion from the tangled mass of religious misdirection. An earnest search for truth, this text unveils both the corruptions and commonalities of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to fill the current void of intellectual discourse on the subject. For those readers who are intrigued but skeptical of organized religion, especially strict, literal interpretation of the Bible, this book articulates many of the questions readers have about religion, and poses others of its own. It provides a comprehensive, historically based analysis of documents, traditions and institutions. The central theme is to examine Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for truth in revelation, and trace the chain of revelation to its logical conclusion. Solicitous and precise, this text captures the essence of what it means to be a person of God.

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Notes on Scriptural Sources and Translations

1 — Judaism
2 — Christianity
3 — Islam: Part 1
4 — Islam: Part 2

1 — God’s Name
2 — God’s Name and the Royal Plural
3 — Understanding of God

1— Unitarians vs. Trinitarians
2 — Jesus Christ
3 — Word of God
4 — Messiah (Christ)
5 — Virgin Birth
6 — Jesus Begotten?
7 — Jesus Christ: Son of God?
8 — The Trinity
9 — Divinity of Jesus? An Inquiry
10 – Divinity of Jesus? The “Evidence”
11 – Holy Spirit
12 – Crucifixion
13 – Lamb of God
14 – Original Sin
15 – Atonement
16 – Return of Jesus

1 — The Old Testament
2 — The New Testament
3 — Inconsistencies Within the New Testament: Part 1
4 — Inconsistencies Within the New Testament: Part 2
5 — Problems with the New Testament Canon
6 — Old Testament Meets New Testament Meets Holy Qur’an

Appendix: Hadith Methodology


I have purchased several books for Dr. Lawrence Brown and have started with reading this one. I am amazed at his ability for such intricate analysis of the bible(s) and the Quran and his ability to transcribe it in away that can easily be followed. A deep and satisfying analysis. I invite anyone who is searching for the truth not to let this one pass them by. It certainly cuts to the chase and answers a heap of puzzling questions.
– Ruby, Amazon Reviews

This book is a bit of a tough pill to swallow for the Christian reader. Though I wonder how it is for a Muslim in the western world to grapple with the stagmatism and abundant misunderstandings about thier religion. That musing aside, the book is well researched and highly engaging, regardelss of one’s personal religious beliefs. The author takes a look at the commonalities between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Although the author does take a close look at the scriptual basis for Christianity, pointing out contradictions, I found the work to be non-confrontational and very interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in compartive religion.
– Malina’s Reviews